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  • Spanaway, WA is a family-centric community that provides a perfect mix of suburban and rural locales.
  • The city boasts a great sense of community.
  • Residents can enjoy peace and quiet while having access to big-city conveniences.
  • The real estate market here is hot and bustling with activity.
  • Properties are affordable and range from huge sprawling farmhouses to older 60s homes, to newly-built modern homes.
  • Schools, stores, and restaurants are all within easy reach.
  • Recreational areas here include museums, farms, zoos, and parks.
  • Nature parks and sprawling public spaces are found throughout the area.
  • Outdoor activities here include horseback riding, fishing, swimming, hiking, and more.
  • Spanaway, a suburb of Seattle in Pierce County, Washington has a population of 32,159. A third of Spanaway’s residents have young kids, which accounts for its being a very family-centric community.

    A mix of suburban and rural, Spanaway is located a mere 10.30 miles away from Tacoma via the WA 7. This puts them both just 17 minutes apart. Spanaway is also just 35 miles away from Seattle.

    The median household income in Spanaway is $54,016, which is slightly higher than the national median of $50,013. The population is relatively young, with the median age being 36.4 years.


    The name Spanaway originates from its being a mule changing station located just a “span away” from Tacoma. The name is also partially attributed to the Nisqually Indian word “yawanaps” meaning shining water, in reference to Spanaway lake, today a favorite spot for fishing rainbow trout and rock bass. Spanaway was spelled backwards by the pioneers to make it easier for them to remember.

    Homes for Sale in Spanaway WA

    Close to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Spanaway, WA has a bustling real estate market.

    Homes for sale in Spanaway, WA are affordable and range from huge sprawling farmhouses to older 60s homes, to newly-built modern homes.

    Living in Spanaway WA

    A mix of the old and the new, Spanaway’s got all the amenities you need to make for comfortable living. There are superb schools to nourish young minds, and a wide selection of shopping establishments, restaurants, and so much more!

    There’s a great sense of community. Neighbors are apt to drop in with baked cookies or a cake to share over a cup of coffee, but will still give you enough space when you desire privacy.

    Abundant nature and open spaces allow for a variety of outdoor pursuits that can get your heart pumping. But if you so desire, you can also just lay back and enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s easy to find a tranquil environment right here when you want to rejuvenate, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

    Cost of living in Spanaway WA

    The median income in Spanaway, WA is $59,303. With the median home value at $184,400, there’s no doubt as to the affordability of homes in this area.

    Fun facts

    • Do you know that Washington has no state income tax? You still pay Federal income taxes, but there aren’t any taxes on your paycheck! This helps boost your take-home pay and allows you more leeway to budget for your basic cost-of-living purchases.
    • There is, however, a statewide sales tax of 6.5%. For this reason, those living near the Oregon border take the opportunity to cross state lines to enjoy Oregon’s tax-free shopping.

    Spanaway WA weather

    High temperatures average 77.8 degrees in July, hitting average lows of 32.9 degrees in January. Annual precipitation is 40.51. August, July and September are the most pleasant months; December and January are the least comfortable months.


    The average commute in Spanaway takes 35.0 minutes. Most people drive their cars to work by themselves (84.0%), while 10.3% carpool with others. A very small percentage work from home (2.4%) or take mass transit (1.8%).


    More than 87.7% of Spanaway residents can lay claim to having at least a high school diploma; 12.1% possess a college degree or higher. Spanaway is part of the Bethel School District, which has 17 Elementary schools, 8 middle schools, and 7 high schools.

    • Evergreen Elementary School in Spanaway tops the list of elementary schools and is rated above average. It serves over 500 students from K to Grade 5.
    • Elk Plain Elementary School, also in Spanaway, is likewise rated above average. It has around 600 students from K to Grade 8 and is considered the best middle school in the area.
    • Graham Kapowsin High School in Graham and Bethel High School in Spanaway are both rated average, but are considered the best high schools in the area. Each serves a population of about 1000 students.


    Spanaway Historical Society
    If you want a taste of local history, pay a visit to the restored 1880s Gable and Wing Farm House, now a museum. It features a variety of historical exhibits and furnishings.

    City Goat Farm & Zoo
    A great spot to spend the day with the kids, this family-friendly farm and petting zoo also features camel and zebra rides, among other interesting activities.

    Signature West Farms
    Love horses? Signature West Farms is a facility that offers horseback riding lessons, horse training, and holds shows and clinics. It also boards horses.

    Spanaway Park
    With two swimming beaches, a fishing pier, and a boat launch, there’s no beating Spanaway Park when it comes to outdoor pursuits. All of 135 acres alongside Spanaway Lake, the park features lots of hiking trails, a playground, and picnic areas.

    If you’re thinking of a place to settle down and call home, consider Spanaway, WA. Get in touch with me, Lori Lewandowski, your expert Realtor, to help you find your dream home. Give me a call at 253.617.5922 or send me an email at

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