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Getting your house show-ready in seven easy ways

Girl arranging the interior of their living room

You’re physically, emotionally, financially, and mentally ready to sell your house, but what about your property? Is it just as ready as you are?

It’s a common mistake a lot of home sellers commit— deliberately choosing not to prepare the home for sale. And while it might seem like an innocent choice, it can actually have a significant impact on the entire selling process. For instance, you might have trouble attracting prospective buyers to make an offer on your house, and if you did, the amount would be below your asking price.

When we talk of preparing for a home sale, we’re not just referring to sellers. We’re also talking about making sure your house is ready to shine and take potential buyers’ breaths away. Here are seven easy ways you can do that, with or without the help of a professional (it’s up to you)!

  1. Depersonalize and de-clutter

    Remove personal items and effects, as well as photographs, collectibles, and memorabilia from the house and replace them with artwork and other decorative elements. This way, you’re removing your home from the house and allowing potential buyers to see the property as something that can be their home.

  2. Leave some space in the closets

    Don’t leave closets, bookcases, and other storage spaces empty, but don’t leave them fully stocked either. Compromise and leave some space in between. This helps you and your real estate agent show the storage potential of the house.

    Stack a neat pile of folded towels in the bathrooms, and maybe hang a bathrobe or two in bedroom closets. The same goes with other shelves in the house. Add books, decor, and kitchen supplies accordingly without filling them to the brim.

  3. Stick to quick fixes instead of major upgrades

    Making repairs to your house is a must before you put it on sale. The problem is that some people go overboard, opting for complete overhauls and even entire makeovers. This can make or break the sale. To be safe, keep to quick fixes and repair what really needs to be repaired. Cracked tiles, holes in the floor, roof, and walls, leaky plumbing, burned out light bulbs, and doors, windows, and drawers that just don’t close all need to go.

    Updates are mostly recommended for outdated rooms and features. If your kitchen and bathrooms are stuck in a bygone era, it would be best to bring these rooms to present.

  4. Deep-clean the entire property

    Cleaning your house is another must-do before you sell your home. Every nook and cranny must be rid of dirt, dust, or grime. Deep-cleaning, however, can be tiresome work that can take a day or two. Fortunately, you can always call in additional help or hire professional deep-cleaners to make sure your house is sparkly clean.

  5. Highlight the house’s best features

    It isn’t enough for your agent to tell prospective buyers about your house’s best features. They should be able to see it for themselves during a showing or an open house.

    Play to your house’s strengths. If the property boasts generous living spaces, rearrange chairs and sofas into conversational groupings instead of pushing them against the wall. Is your backyard lovely? Create a cozy outdoor space. Is there plenty of storage in the house? Remember to leave some space (see tip #2). These are just some of the things you can do to highlight the property’s best features.

  6. Spruce up the front and back yards

    Curb appeal always counts. It’s the very first thing home buyers see as they drive up to your property. To make a good first impression, make sure your front yard is well-maintained and welcoming.

    Of course, the front yard isn’t the only thing that matters. If you have a backyard, it would be wise to spruce it up as well. Get rid of weeds, replace broken or shattered pots, and clean up the flower beds. See tip #5 if you also consider the backyard as one of your house’s main selling points.

  7. Complete unfinished projects

    In addition to repairs, you should set some time aside to complete any unfinished projects or scrap them altogether. Unfinished basements and other renovations can hinder the sale, as these give the impression to buyers that your property is not move-in ready.

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