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8 Home Staging Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

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If you’re planning to sell your home in Pierce County, one of the most important things to consider is home staging. Home staging has become an essential part of the real estate selling process as it helps to sell a property faster and at a better price.

In preparing your home for sale, consider hiring one of the most reliable home staging companies in the area. However, with the proper understanding of home staging concepts, and with the help of your Realtor, you may also opt for the DIY route.

To help you get started, consider these 8 home staging tips.

  1. Eliminate clutter

    The goal of staging is to show off your home, not your belongings. While you don’t want to add too much to the cost of selling a house, one thing you really should invest in is a storage unit. Store everything that you don’t need. This
    might include out-of-season clothing, extra dishes, and other things that are just sitting around.

    Remove personal items such as photos and knickknacks. You want potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your house. This is more difficult to do when you have personal items hanging on walls or sitting on shelves.

  2. Deep clean

    Give your home a thorough cleaning. If necessary, hire a professional cleaning service. A house free of dust, grime, and dirty fingerprints gives off a much better impression. The goal is to make your home sparkling clean, perhaps with a brand new feel. Cleaning is especially important if you have pets. You need to get rid of pet odors and pet hair from carpets, upholsteries, and other parts of the home.

  3. Do the necessary repairs

    Go through your property and take note of repairs that need to be made. Work on as many of these as you can afford, particularly the major ones, such as the roof, the heating system, and the plumbing. That way, buyers will have less reasons to negotiate the price down.

  4. Arrange or change the furniture

    It’s commonly thought that furniture pressed up against the walls makes a space look bigger or easier to navigate. This isn’t always the case, however. Besides, this may only result in making the space unattractive.

    To make a room more appealing, move the furniture together into conversational arrangements. Consider the flow of movement throughout the room, as well as from one room to the next. In doing so, you’ll make the space more functional and appear bigger.

    It’s important to make sure the size of your furniture is proportioned to the size of the room. If the pieces are too big, they can make the room look smaller. Conversely, if they’re too small, they won’t do much in making the space look attractive. If needed, buy or rent furniture with the right size to go with each room.

  5. Transform an idle room into something useful

    If you have a room that only serves to collect random items that you don’t use frequently, repurpose it into something more useful. Borrow a twin bed from a friend, some bedding, and a dresser, and turn the room into a kid’s bedroom. An extra room in the basement can be made into a yoga studio with a rug, pillows, and some gauzy fabric on the walls.

  6. Make the lighting work for you

    The right lighting can make a huge difference in how your home looks and set the mood in a room, especially at night. Ideally, you should have 100 watts for each 50 square feet. You should also aim to have three types of lighting per room:

    • Ambient. This is your general lighting
    • Accent. This type of lighting is used to highlight a specific item or area in your home
    • Task. This adds extra illumination to aid in completing specific tasks. Examples are desk lamps, under cabinet lighting, and floor lamps.
  7. Repaint the Walls

    You might like the unique color of your walls, but that doesn’t mean potential buyers will, too. Instead, consider repainting your walls to a neutral color. This will make it easier for interested buyers to imagine the rooms in their preferred colors. Neutral colors can also help to make the spaces in your home seem bigger.

    This isn’t to say that color is bad. In fact, used properly, color can help draw attention to certain parts of your home. For instance, an accent wall near a cozy fireplace or a large bay window can help highlight these charming features.

  8. Don’t forget about curb appeal

    The outside of your home is just as important as the inside. After all, the exterior is the first thing that potential buyers see. Make sure the lawn is mowed, hedges are trimmed, and the walkways are clear. If you have a front porch or steps, give them a good cleaning, as well. A simple pot of flowers in the spring or pumpkins in the fall can add a nice touch. A new coat of paint on the front door can also help to increase visual appeal before stepping inside.

Need more tips on home staging and preparing your home for sale? I can help. Call me, Lori Lewandowski, at 253.617.5922 or get in touch here.