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8 Best beaches in Washington State

If you’re on the hunt for great beaches, the usual recommendations would be those in Florida and California. But for those willing to explore the coastline of the Northwest, there are hidden gems found in Washington State that are worth visiting.

Check out these wonderful Washington State beaches for some sand, sun, surf – and definitely much more!

Alki Beach

This two-mile stretch of coastline saw the birth of what is now known as Seattle. It also features the Alki Point Lighthouse, a fully-functioning lighthouse built in 1913. When the low tide comes, people can frolic in the little tide pools formed here from the receding waters of Puget Sound. Incidentally, this beach figured in a scene from the rom-com classic, Sleepless in Seattle. If you’re a Tom Hanks fan and you’re very much a sun worshipper, Alki Beach will certainly get you flying here to visit.

Jetty Island Park

If you are looking for things to do in Washington State, take the time to visit Jetty Island Park. Only a ten-minute boat ride from Everett’s shores, this man-made island is trending for kiteboard learning and riding. People can easily come and go from Jetty Island by travelling via the free ferry that crosses the Snohomish River Channel. Avid bird-watchers will also want to come here to observe at least 45 avian species that consider the island as their nesting ground.


Anyone who has been to Seabrook has been completely mesmerized by this picturesque beach town found south of Pacific Beach. People come here and are greeted by a warm and friendly community, a host of vacation rentals (and soon, Airbnb homes), and of course, a ruggedly attractive coastline that’s Instagram-worthy. It has a decently populated retail district with quaint shops and restaurants. There’s lots of promise in Seabrook as this walkable town continues to grow and attract more visitors longing for a slice of simple life by the beach.

Ruby Beach

Spectacular rock formations called sea stacks rise high above the waters of Ruby Beach. The sun and clouds provide a magnificent burst of color, making the perfect backdrop for this majestic scene. Ruby Beach is located in the coastal section of the Olympic National Park and is dubbed as the “prettiest beach in Washington State” or one of Olympic National Park’s “crown jewels.“ Since the area is a rocky beach, not a sandy beach, exploring Ruby Beach is best done while wearing flip-flops at the least.

Half Moon Bay

Possibly one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in Washington State, Half Moon Bay faces Grays Harbor and has a lot of character. Being the only port the state has, it sees ships docking here daily. The tide can get high enough for surfers to take to the waters. In fact, this is a well-known surfing hot spot where events like the Clean Water Classic – Washington State’s biggest surfing competition – are usually held.


The unincorporated beach community of Seaview in Pacific County has grown into a seafood lover’s utopia. Many of the restaurants here catch razor clams and fill buckets of them fresh in the morning for diners. The beach can be quite crowded during summer but be warned that surfing can be dangerous here due to fast-transitioning tides. For those with a sweet tooth, you can get your fill of salt water taffy, a local seaside favorite, here.

Fort Worden

Fort Worden offers a bit of history for those who are looking for a little more to do in Washington State. This former military fort located on Port Townsend is riddled with concrete fortifications that stretch across the two-mile coastline and tunnels that can be navigated underneath. The beach has an authentic 20th-century wartime feel to it and provides a unique experience for visiting tourists.

Point Roberts

Is Point Roberts part of Canada or is it part of the US? Maps will show that it juts out of British Columbia but gets cut off by the demarcation line separating the two countries. Getting here, one will have to cross the international border to Canada, then another to Point Roberts. Despite the minor inconvenience, the area is still popular for the beachside serenity it provides. Boaters also flock to its harbor during the summer months.

These eight beaches of Washington State clearly defy the general feedback about this locale being plain and gloomy. Their uniqueness and diversity is something worth experiencing personally, especially for those who want something more than the typical beach frolicking.

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